Convert your hotel points and give your miles balance a boost


“Have hotel points you’re not using? Now you can turn them into Aeroplan Miles and enjoy this amazing 35% miles boost. Simply select as many eligible hotel partners as you have points with, follow their online conversion process, and we’ll do the math on your miles.

Reach your next reward sooner. Convert your hotel points into Aeroplan Miles today.“


这次是想当不错的机会, 直接给35%的bonus, 计算下万豪的大礼包:

9w spg = 27w marriott ==(大礼包)==> 12w ap + 12w * 0.35 = 16.2w ap, 最后还有免费7夜的cat 1-5的酒店。

也就是说9w spg能拿16.2w aeroplan点数, 妥妥的加中往返商务舱还有剩余。